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Axens KGNT Energy Efficiency is performing Energy Audits in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan 541-IV dated January 13th, 2012 and the Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan n° 1115 dated August 31st, 2012.

  • Energy data collection and on-site measurements


























We have a complete laboratory fully dedicated to Energy Audit. Our experts are from all disciplines including Oil and Gas Process, Furnaces and Heat systems, Compressors, Pumps and Electrical systems.


Using the large experience of our shareholders in Oil & Gas industry, we can focus quickly on the critical equipments and systems to be reviewed during site survey (time/knowledge). We also review the process operation in order not only to optimize the energy production but also to reduce the energy demand.


  • Benchmarking with international standards

Based on International standards, Axens KGNT Energy Efficiency is developing a large variety of  KPIs per process unit, per critical equipment and also for the entire plant if it is possible. The objective of comparison with International standards is to identify quickly the potential gain in energy and the areas where Energy is abnormally consumed.


  • Development of technically and economically viable solutions

Optimization of energy efficiency do not mean large investment most of the time. About 70% of our proposals following Energy Audit do not require any investment or small investment. The most interesting proposals have been very diverse including:

- Modification of Piping in a Heat Exchanger Network to save 23% fuel energy in Process unit thanks to Pinch Analysis

- Modifications of heaters with additional analyzers and new burners to increase by more than 10% the KPI at minimal investment.

- Reduction of pressure in separation columns to reduce the energy demand for reboiling

- Installation of continuous “state of the art” cleaning system for turbine condenser in order to reduce steam consumption.

- Installation of Variable Speed Drives and Condensers on large electrical systems



  • Financial analysis and Risk assessment study

We are helping our customer to select the good options for their facilities by providing best international techniques and also by classifying these improvements based on financial criteria. We provide IRR, NPV or any financial criteria that could support our client management.



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